Floor  Plan & Vendor List

All booths include power and chairs. View descriptions for table options.

Pipe and drape (black cloth backdrop) available for booths in the centre section, #16-27.

The booth setup including the passageway for people to enter your booth must fit within the measurements listed.

Fees include GST.


Sunday September 16th

Shaded areas are sold, white areas are available.


For full bios and contact info, click here to Meet the Exhibitors.


41. Kelle Higgins, Floral Therapy

42. Carly Penfold, Om Shiatsu

1. Erin Amantea, Spirit Gypsy

2. Rachael Sievers, Seviere Designs

3a. Candi Wishman, Numerology

3b. Symphony Schaaf, S&M Soap Co.

4. Wayne Still, Structural Integration

5. Regina Leung, Life Force Channel.com

6. Seasonn Bailey, SELTherapy

7. Debora Powell, Lotus

8. Judy Steeves, My Daily Choice / Hempworx

9. Erin Benoit, Erin Kimberly Spiritual Medium

10. Norma Cowie, Norma Cowie Enterprises

11. Jaysone Taylor, Jupiter Promotions

12. Danielle James, Akashic records

13. Nadene Rogers, Self Spa Products

14. Lucille, hair analysis

15. Braden Karringten, Healing Tree Harmonics


16. Colette Marie Stefan, The Truth is Funny shift happens

17. Calista Povelofskie, Envision Healing

18a. Sana Saleh, Sana Saleh Beauty, Lipsense Senegence

18b. Pamela Viola, Sensual Gems

19a. Elizabeth Beeds, Interior Wellness Festival

19b. Natasha Rosewood, Energy Dynamics Unlimited


20b. Lawrence Adams, Trapps Publishing

21a. Renee Burgess, Health & Beyond

21b. Cahrei Foster

22. Garnette Schoonbaert, Young Living Essential Oils & diffuser jewelry

23. Evelyn Mulders, Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies

24a. Michelle Gill, Squirelly Creations

24b. Debbie Henshall, Monat

25a. Cayla Joss, Salt + Sage

25b. Rita Trott, New Form Hypnotherapy

26. Dennis Munro

27. Laynah Lafond, Purple Tree Healing Centre


28. Krystal Moland, Asgard Essentials

29a. Cherie Hanson, Creative

29b. Janice Block, Jan Block Heart Sage

29c. Shannon Holand, VoxxLife

30. Cristin Platt, Sakura Spiritual Arts


31. Alisa Farr and Cameron Hayward, Kihew Therapy and Wellness Inc.

32. John Schlapbach, Visions Healing

33. Chiharu and Keita Sato, Kiai Shiatsu

34. Laura and Samantha, Soulmate Jewellery

35. Dr Alana Hendrickson, ND


37. Nina Armitage and Dale Harris, Tesla Healers of the Okanagan


38. Tara Bradley, Intuitive

39. Kara Wilson, Likely Future

40. Miriam Cunha, Itza Rainbow


Kitchen: Marij & Arnold, PURE Armstrong