Join us on Sunday January 28th!

11:00 - 4:00, 1304 Ellis St, at the Laurel Packinghouse, Kelowna



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Hi, we are Arnold and Marij from PURE in Armstrong. 10 years ago, we immigrated from the Netherlands to the beautiful Okanagan for a change of life. On our 0.5-acre lot we started a veggie and herb garden, got some chickens and started beekeeping. Our passion for foraging eatable mushrooms was brought to another level. It was when Arnold started to miss the Dutch almond pastry that we slowly started to shift our jobs as healthcare professionals towards farmers market people. Our products include Traditional Dutch Baking from organic ingredients, including some gluten friendly options. Vegan, gluten and sugar free energy bites from organic ingredients. Raw honey in season. Wild mushrooms and wild mushroom salt.

During this event we will serve:
Frog Friendly Wild Coffee. Picked in the wild in Mexico and roasted in Canoe BC. This is a PH neutral coffee.
The Little Tea Company tea.
Two seasonal vegan lunch dishes made from our own organic ingredients or other local products when possible. There will be one soup option and one other surprise option available.

We are looking forward meeting you! Arnold and Marij